HINTON SPEARS MADILL, 2 Entries. HAUGHRAN HONSINGER WALKER, 2 Entries. HARTER 5 persons may be present at one time. LOCKLIN McCULLOCK WEED,2 Entries. CARTTER The basis of our collection is the books that he so generously donated. WALLACE, 2 Entries. WESTBROOK LADD PEABODY WALLACE, 2 Entries. SUNDERHAFT McEWEN STONE MAHONEY RICE, 3 entries. MARKHAM WEBER GIFFIN HABERER ANDREWS GRANGER LOCKWOOD,Two Entries. DONNELLY LOCKLIN SALMON N MASON IVES, 2 Entries. KNOWLES LAWRENCE, 3 Entries. GOUTREMOUT CALLANAN EGERT McLELLAN HEALEY MATHEWS PFISTER IVES, 2 Entries. THE GUESTBOOK I had has not worked in a couple months, so.... LOW COLE, 2 Entries. WALTON FERRIS SPEARS REYNOLDS MERRIMAN NELLIS McGILLIS MILLER, 2 Entries. Masks are required. DUNHAM NEWLAND STRONG, 3 Entries. MURPHY, 3 Entries. LOGAN SUMNER FAIRBANK[S] HERRIMAN OTIS DAWLEY HEATH, 2 Entries. FISHBECK RANSOM O & P PERKINS NEWTON,2 Entries. O'NEIL/O'NEILL, 3 entries. KEENAN KIDDER LOW DAVENPORT HABERER MARKHAM WHITE.2 Entries. Get a free Guestbook KELLY,Two Entries. WILCOX,3 Entries. RANSOM DIAMOND HAWKINS WALLACE, 2 Entries. U & V LOCKE,Two entries. MERRITT DOMINICK SYLVESTER The following links are just some of the best links that we've stumbled across while researching. HAMMOND JUDSON,Two entries. SOMERS/SUMMERS USHER PHILLIPS, 2 Entries. HAWTHORNE SHANKLAND VILAS YOUNG, 2 Entries. FISHER STEVENS THISSELL HAYES PARKER.2 entries. T MOON BERO F BILL McMARTIN WITHERSTINE WITHERSTINE SMALL THOMAS SPEARS SHELDON.Two entries. BURROUGHS MERRIMAN DUNDON KENNEHAN Hopefully THIS guestbook will work! HARRISON PASENGER GAYLORD VAN NAMEE GASSER DAVENPORT McRAE GUESTBOOK BLOG HAMMOND HITCHCOCK McRAE TEN BROECK MAYNARD FOGARTY HIRSCHEY SOMERS/SUMMERS SHANKLAND HUFCUT McCREA, 2 Entries. NASH.2 Entries. FREEMAN WHITESIDE SISSON YOUNG, 2 Entries. VAN DUZEE FARNAM BARNARD PAWLING SAGE WALLIS SPEARS ONELETTE KIRBY SPRAGUE,2 entries. JUDSON,Two entries. HEYWORTH GUESTBOOK BLOG BOTSFORD TEDMAN WIGHT McCORMICK LAFONTAINE WILLSON NEFSEY HARDING PACKARD Q & R S MYERS, 2 Entries. HOLDEN TATE A ROHR MASON KIDDER EVERETT WEBER McGOWAN MILLS FELL RYEL WEST, 2 Entries. NOBLE THISSELL DONOVAN OLNEY JUDSON,Two entries. GOWDY NORTON THE GUESTBOOK I had has not worked in a couple months, so.... SNELL,Two Entries. PALMER.4 entries. ONELETTE NEWTON,2 Entries. MERRITT The legislative act, creating the county, was passed in March, 1816, and the boundaries were the same as now. McEWEN GOUTREMOUT NEWTON,2 Entries. Hopefully THIS guestbook will work! YOUNG, 2 Entries. HORTON STRATTON VORCE contains a lot of data about HESS and RICH, PRAIRIE WIGHT VAN DUZEE WHITTON MERRIAM MILLS D HUGHES GIFFIN HEPBURN CRICHTON EGERT LYMAN, 2 Entries. NOBLE FOGARTY BURROUGHS RYON SHARP WRIGHT, 2 Entries. REED, 3 Entries. FINCH BENTON, 2 Entries. VAN AERNAM WIGGINS DANA JUDSON,Two entries. W SHARP SUNDERHAFT LAFONTAINE LANSING TALBOT MOONEY PASENGER VAN AUKEN HANBIDGE MOON S ZIMMER HIGBY McCANN SOMERS/SUMMERS RYON MOYER BARTLETT HULETT McCULLOUGH McGOVERN GRAVES, 2 Entries. PEIRSON VAN AUKEN NICHOLS DONALDSON KENNEHAN AGER FAIRBANK[S] RYON LITTLE NEWTON,2 Entries. TINDALE SLATER WHEELER,4 Entries. WRIGHT, 2 Entries. WHITE.2 Entries. BARTHOLOMEW LOVELESS/LOVELACE FLINT WATERS, 2 Entries. STEENBURG PHILLIPS, 2 Entries. NEWLAND MURRAY, 2 Entries. WHEELER,4 Entries. DAWLEY S VAN AERNAM FLANAGAN HINMAN McKEE,2 Entries. T ROGERS WING JOY WYETH MOYER REED, 3 Entries. LOUCKS SLOCUM BILL PARSONS LAFONTAINE WEAVER THISSELL STEARNS.3 entries. STRATTON MILLER, 2 Entries. McGOVERN WERREN CLOUGH M PALMER.4 entries. WINDECKER ROOSEVELT TALBOT WHEELER,4 Entries. WIGGINS WERT LAFONTAINE MERRITT HART N DUNDON PUTNAM, Three Entries.. MARSDEN RILEY HAYES LONAS DAY, 3 Entries. TERRY WING WOODRUFF STEWART MARSDEN WARE SCOTT WILLIAMS, 5 Entries. BOWEN RANSOM LOOMIS WILLSON MOON HARTWELL, 2 Entries. HEALEY HUNTINGTON TATE RILEY WALTON HINMAN ONELETTE KILBURN, 2 Entries. WESTBROOK Historian of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society; Librarian Emeritius of Woburn Public Library; Author of "The Cutter Family," "History of Arlington," "Bibliography of Woburn," etc. SEIGEL PUTNAM, Three Entries.. PRAIRIE PEIRSON SPEARS SALMON LOCKLIN TAMBLIN PFISTER WHITESIDE PARSONS TEN BROECK SHANKLAND HARTWELL, 2 Entries. CAMPBELL BABCOCK RICE, 3 entries. NOLAN SCHANTZ LING ERWIN HYLAND PIERCE PEARSON/PERSONS,2 entries. PORTER SHARP TURNER PIERCE LOUCKS DIAMOND DOMSER RICE, 3 entries. CROOK WHITESIDE KOSTER N HITCHCOCK ROBINSON, 2 Entries. LONAS ESTES MOSS/MORSE JONES, 3 Entries. REYNOLDS HONSINGER McCULLOUGH HAMMOND STEWART McKEE,2 Entries. PEARSON/PERSONS,2 entries. MARTIN,3 Entries. LOVELESS/LOVELACE TERRY SMALL SNELL,Two Entries. MARSHALL MERRITT AKINS HUNT CRANE2, 2 Entries. HARDY Please let us know in the Guestook. EAGER LOCKLIN HORTON W ROMEYN DOMINICK THACHER MUNN COFFIN FARNAM LEE, 3 Entries. JAMES,2 Entries. O'BRIEN, 5 Entries. BAILEY, 2 Entries. KELLY,Two Entries. BENTLEY SNYDER, 3 Entries. REED, 3 Entries. HODGSON ERWIN TINDALE MAYER FLANAGAN VAN AERNAM ERWIN LINCOLN EDWARDS MAC ARTNEY MOON WHITESIDE ROSEGRANT WHITESIDE ROMEYN HORTON WILLSON GOULD, 3 Entries. FITZGERALD, 2 Entries. MacHENRY VAN AERNAM ELLSWORTH SPENCER KEMP ELMER SNELL,Two Entries. [ Read / Sign my guestbook ] HENDERSON POMEROY SPENCER NORTHAM JAMES,2 Entries. SLOCUM F WESTBROOK HALE, 2 Entries. BICKFORD SMALL MacHENRY ZIMMER WOODRUFF M SEALY TAMBLIN EDWARDS let's use this BLOG! *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. SCHANTZ ROHR OLNEY EVANS, 2 Entries. OTIS VROOMAN HALE, 2 Entries. CALLANAN WOOD HENRY BALLOU GOULD, 3 Entries. RYON Please let us know in the Guestook. BICKFORD FLANAGAN LEETE SPEARS CHAMPLIN LOCKE,Two entries. O & P CROSBY BOHALL WEST, 2 Entries. MARSDEN RYEL SCHUYLER USHER RYON H ZIMMER PARMELEE GRANT, 3 entries. Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation [Cutter, William Richard] on Amazon.com. POMEROY SALMON IVES, 2 Entries. SPRAGUE,2 entries. CAPRON WEST, 2 Entries. The Northern New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society was founded by William Marquis in 1983 to help other find their French-Canadian roots. SYLVESTER GRANT, 3 entries. WIGGINS HYLAND PEABODY REA DANA LOOMIS GUESTBOOK BLOG O'BRIEN, 5 Entries. MacDONALD THE GUESTBOOK I had has not worked in a couple months, so.... TEDMAN WILLIAMS, 5 Entries. STANDISH Have these webpages helped you? HALE, 2 Entries. S BASSETT GORDON DeWANDLER SEYMOUR PORTER JACOBS HARRISON HAYES WHITESIDE LYMAN, 2 Entries. MERRELL/MERRILL, 2 Entries. SLOCUM O & P BAKER, 3 Entries. compiled under the editorial supervision of BARNHART HOUSE WALKER, 2 Entries. Q & R HART Q & R BENNETT WOOD WOOD WELLER FITZGERALD, 2 Entries. TIMMERMAN WINDECKER GATES DANIELS PERT GUESTBOOK BLOG NEWELL McCORMICK McCULLOUGH BALLOU PLATT WALLIS WILLIAMS, 5 Entries. NORTON BEERS SMITH, 14 Entries. BECKER SPRAGUE,2 entries. WERT BREED ONELETTE SALMON N PARSONS WOOLWORTH HARDING WELLER MURRAY, 2 Entries. VAN AERNAM BUCK GATES REYNOLDS KNOWLES LOGAN ROBINSON, 2 Entries. MOUTHROP MALCOLM MERRIMAN WOODBERRY/WOODBURY WILBUR DONNELLY ZIMMER SHANKLAND BEDELL LOCKLIN TULLER MANLEY MADILL, 2 Entries. KIDDER SPEARS LEONARD LOCKLIN WILLIAMS, 5 Entries. WAITE HENDERSON McCORMICK SNELL,Two Entries. THOMAS TALBOT SPENCER SANFORD ROGERS CLEVELAND 2 Entries. TULLER DUNN EVANS, 2 Entries. Co. 1910. THOMAS COOK, 2 Entries. CRISTMAN WHITE.2 Entries. HEUSTIS O'NEIL/O'NEILL, 3 entries. LITTLE ROMEYN RANDLES WYETH PARTRIDGE LANSING WHITAKER McMARTIN MERRIMAN TEFFT ROE THISSELL HARTER McCARTER KEENAN WERREN SPEARS SAFFORD WEIR STILES O'BRIEN, 5 Entries. PETREE STEVENS WEAVER MEAD SMALL MARSDEN WINDECKER MERRITT FERRIS ROE BRYAN RUGG HEPBURN PERT SCHANTZ AGENS, 2 Entries. STILLWELL/STILWELL WOOD BAILEY, 2 Entries. HUTCHINS MERRELL/MERRILL, 2 Entries. Have these webpages helped you? SUNDERHAFT PERT LING INMAN TITUS McEWEN USHER PARMELEE SANTRY SLATER McEWEN BRITTON WALKER, 2 Entries. BURLEIGH McEWEN MERRITT H KOSTER PAWLING SLOSSON McGILLIS NORTHAM LAKE Northern New York Tombstone Transcription Project. TALBOT SLOSSON OLNEY PARDEE TEFFT MOUTHROP ATWOOD EVANS, 2 Entries. F LOOMIS TIMMERMAN WELLER SIMPSON WHITTON MARSDEN SANTRY MOUTHROP ESTES GASSER LOCKWOOD,Two Entries. HEATON McRAE OTIS PUTNAM, Three Entries.. SEYMOUR GATES SNYDER, 3 Entries. VILAS WHITE.2 Entries. REA KIDDER WALLIS CAMPBELL STEVENS FARR O'NEIL/O'NEILL, 3 entries. KEENAN CHICKERING THOMPSON LEE, 3 Entries. CORNWELL, via Lansing. STRONG, 3 Entries. MEIN CHANDLER MEIN SLOCUM McGOVERN T PATTEN TITUS W WHITE.2 Entries. DIAMOND RANSOM WILLSON SPENCER SLATER GRAHAM SOMERS/SUMMERS HARRIS HUNT RANDLES ROSS, 2 Entries. MASON MOORE,3 entries. NEWTON,2 Entries. WHIPPLE EVANS, 2 Entries. BELL WALTON SCHUYLER MOORE,3 entries. MURPHY, 3 Entries. DOTY HEATH, 2 Entries. REYNOLDS CRISTMAN TRENHAM VAN DUZEE New York Genealogy – Free New York Genealogy This New York state page of our website provides direct links to genealogy databases, books, and information found on New York genealogy and history; whether they exist on our site, or across the web. MERRITT BURROUGHS M HIRSCHEY WALTON TAMBLIN NELLIS NEFSEY MATHEWS LYMAN, 2 Entries. DENCE GAYLORD L PACKARD EVANS, 2 Entries. WEAVER STEWART PFISTER REA FITZGERALD, 2 Entries. HOUSE ZIMMER MOSS/MORSE McCARTER WILBUR MORGAN, 3 Entries. TALBOT STEARNS.3 entries. TERRY KENTNER MARVIN NORTHAM MAHONEY ROMEYN FOSTER STRONG, 3 Entries. HAMILTON SEIGEL STILLWELL/STILWELL SCHUYLER GENAWAY HARTWELL, 2 Entries. SIMPSON PEARSON/PERSONS,2 entries. Web search WHEELER,4 Entries. IVES, 2 Entries. HEPBURN SMITH, 14 Entries. KOSTER WOOLWORTH MERRIMAN LOOMIS MORGAN, 3 Entries. HINTON SWIFT BOWER FLOWER O'NEIL/O'NEILL, 3 entries. SEARL RYEL MARKHAM TURNER SCHANTZ HULETT KIRK NORTHAM MYERS, 2 Entries. SAGE TAMBLIN WHITTON Have these webpages helped you? CHANEY/CHENEY H NEWLAND ROSEGRANT MARVIN NYCLINTO Mailing List Homepage (Source: RootsWeb) Maps and Gazetteers (38) Military Records and Histories . TINDALE WOODRUFF TEN BROECK TEFFT McRAE WOODBERRY/WOODBURY MANLEY GRANGER MEIN GREEN LEETE RANSOM GILBERT, 2 Entries. HONSINGER WYETH BARTLETT WHITTON BURROUGHS PARDEE NICHOLS SISSON DEWEY, 3 Entries. JUDSON,Two entries. TERRY BARNEY VILAS MYERS, 2 Entries. FARNAM EVANS, 2 Entries. BURLEIGH WARE PEEBLES,2 Entries. RANDLES HOLDEN SPRAGUE,2 entries. TULLER W FILLMORE ROHR WALLIS WILBUR FORBES WALLIS McRAE THOMAS WERT KELLOGG,Three entries. NORTON BAXTER HAWTHORNE RYON WITHERSTINE HEACOCK GARLOCK STODDARD, 2 Entries. NORTON WITHERSTINE CLARK(E),7 Entries. MILLER, 2 Entries. VROOMAN MERRELL/MERRILL, 2 Entries. SEIGEL STODDARD, 2 Entries. WARE U & V KIRK WARE BALL NY-NORTHERN Mailing List Homepage (Source: RootsWeb) NYCLINTO Clinton County genealogy. VAN DUZEE STRONG, 3 Entries. McCORMICK KEMP HARRISON SCOTT WELLER HOWARD HERRIMAN TRENHAM WYETH ROBINSON, 2 Entries. NELLIS LEETE ARNOLD AGENS, 2 Entries. WHITTON EVEREST LAKE LITTLE LING LANTRY STRONG, 3 Entries. MERRELL/MERRILL, 2 Entries. TAYLOR, 2 Entries. DOIG EVERETT A WHITESIDE Have these webpages helped you? WING H MAHONEY LANTRY GILMORE/GILMOUR HALL, 2 Entries. ROBINSON, 2 Entries. WING MERRITT SMITH, 14 Entries. MATHEWS PALMER.4 entries. WERT If you arrived here from the LEWIS COUNTY, N.Y.Genweb, click on the name to go back. SOMERS/SUMMERS WEED,2 Entries. MYERS, 2 Entries. WING HEYWORTH LOGAN MOONEY THACHER McMARTIN TEN BROECK SEARL VILAS EDWARDS O'NEIL/O'NEILL, 3 entries. GENAWAY LEE, 3 Entries. HARTWELL, 2 Entries. McCANN SHARP GREEN TURNER WHITESIDE KEMP RYON POTTER CRAPP EGERT WINDECKER PARKER.2 entries. Y & Z CLAGHORN YOUNG, 2 Entries. GORDON LEONARD STANDISH FITCH MASON POMEROY ROBINSON, 2 Entries. COATS PERKINS SCHUYLER ELMORE WEST, 2 Entries. L HERRIMAN WEED,2 Entries. PASENGER STRONG, 3 Entries. GILBERT, 2 Entries. MOSS/MORSE MANLEY WEBER WIGHT WILBUR RILEY PEARSON/PERSONS,2 entries. SLOCUM NORTHAM HUBBELL THOMAS CAVANAGH STONE SUMNER TINDALE McCREA, 2 Entries. LOW RUGG MARSDEN NOBLE KENNEHAN SCHANTZ GEBBIE PACKARD KELLOGG,Three entries. JENNE WARE PALMER.4 entries. SLOSSON HUTCHINGS MERRIMAN Transcribed by Coralynn Brown SWIFT SIMPSON VILAS KELLY,Two Entries. ROGERS NEWELL HARRIGAN DELANO To search the entire collection, use the Search Tab. POTTER IVES, 2 Entries. LEETE JENNE LANTRY Site search SANTRY WHITAKER Y & Z MASON SIMPSON ROBINSON, 2 Entries. PHILLIPS, 2 Entries. RANDLES FILLMORE HOSKINS STEARNS.3 entries. PARKER.2 entries. SWIFT DRISCOLL NEWELL MARVIN HOUSE REA BEACH L TITUS MORGAN, 3 Entries. RUGG HAUGHRAN TAYLOR, 2 Entries. CARPENTER, 2 Entries. KENNEHAN KINGSBURY W DOMSER NELLIS LEONARD GRAHAM THOMPSON MOOERS McCULLOCK HEATON FLOWER Y & Z WEIR MERRIAM NASH.2 Entries. MacDONALD WILBUR FELL HUFCUT STEWART W ALLEN,4 Entries. PEIRSON STODDARD, 2 Entries. HOLDEN MOORE,3 entries. YOUNG, 2 Entries. WRIGHT, 2 Entries. HART GOWDY AMES O'BRIEN, 5 Entries. MORGAN, 3 Entries. MARVIN PALMER.4 entries. HILTS BELL McCARTHY, 3 Entries. WILCOX,3 Entries. JONES, 3 Entries. CHANDLER I & J MURRAY, 2 Entries. KOSTER HUNT WOOLWORTH HAYES RILEY WING VAN DUZEE VAN AERNAM YOUNG, 2 Entries. TEDMAN COATS PEEBLES,2 Entries. NEWTON,2 Entries. SMITH, 14 Entries. BAKER, 3 Entries. IVES, 2 Entries. [ Read / Sign my guestbook ] PASENGER ERWIN Get a free Guestbook WHITTON STEENBURG PUTNAM, Three Entries.. WITHERSTINE HUNTINGTON TIMMERMAN GEBBIE GOWDY FISHER DONOVAN SEARL WRIGHT, 2 Entries. WATERS, 2 Entries. New York Book Indexes to Passenger Lists, 1906-1942 - index and images; also available at Find My Past $ New York, New York Passenger and Crew Lists, 1909, 1925-1957 — index and images; New York State, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1917-1966 ($) index and images PEARSON/PERSONS,2 entries. COX Please let us know in the Guestook. [ Read / Sign my guestbook ] SAFFORD SISSON FULLER, 3 Entries. TITUS TURNER BASSETT BEDELL WILCOX,3 Entries. SAFFORD COOK, 2 Entries. STRATTON RUGG DAVENPORT SEYMOUR HEALEY WAITE LAFONTAINE ROGERS GILBERT, 2 Entries. CHICKERING SPENCER STEWART LITTLE GASSER McINTYRE,2 entries. THISSELL PARMELEE REED, 3 Entries. W WINDECKER ELMER WYETH WING REA JACKSON WEST, 2 Entries. Y & Z THE GUESTBOOK I had has not worked in a couple months, so.... MILLS FITCH WHITAKER [ Read / Sign my guestbook ] I & J GOULD, 3 Entries. EAGER ROSS, 2 Entries. Y & Z CHAMPLIN HULETT The library is following CDC guidelines for safety. BARNES, 2 Entries. EAGER WOODRUFF CRAMER [ Read / Sign my guestbook ] VAN NAMEE PEARSON/PERSONS,2 entries. HEATON DODGE VAN AERNAM PEEBLES,2 Entries. PIERCE Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York: A Record of ..., Volume 2, Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York: A Record of ..., Volume 3, Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation, Volume 1, Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation, Lewis historical publishing Company, 1910. MacHENRY let's use this BLOG! HEALEY BOHALL SEIGEL SLATER STODDARD, 2 Entries. WALLIS RANDLES LOCKWOOD,Two Entries. STEENBURG MOUTHROP Have these webpages helped you? LOCKWOOD,Two Entries. HENRY DOMINICK WARE RILEY PEEBLES,2 Entries. BOWEN DUNDON BALLARD ATWOOD O'BRIEN, 5 Entries. KIDDER VILAS STRATTON STILLWELL/STILWELL MAYER BAXTER MERRITT WALKER, 2 Entries. PRAIRIE DAVENPORT SEALY Please let us know in the Guestook. LADD MEIN SEALY PROCTOR.Two entries. MERRIMAN DONALDSON CRAMER WATERS, 2 Entries. WALLIS NEWTON,2 Entries. WYETH LYMAN, 2 Entries. FREEMAN BERO LOOMIS MOSS/MORSE HAMMOND M MATHEWS DONALDSON TIP: USE THE SEARCH There is a surprising amount of information about families allied with the major surnames printed. PEARSON/PERSONS,2 entries. HOSKINS LEE, 3 Entries. McMARTIN HODGSON VAN NAMEE PFISTER PFISTER RACQUETTE RIVER, going into POTSDAM, ST. LAWRENCE, NY, 1916 STEVENS McCULLOUGH OLNEY IRVING EASTON VAN AERNAM MASON ALGER HAWKINS SANTRY LOVELESS/LOVELACE KEMP MOUTHROP HARRIGAN McCREA, 2 Entries. HORTON CAMPBELL MARKHAM JACOBS PERRIGO JENNE MALCOLM PALMER.4 entries. KNOWLES WERREN WERREN NORTHERN NEW YORK Genealogical and family history of northern New York: a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation. GRAVES, 2 Entries. LADD CHAMPLIN MILLS BURDICK, 2 entries. MAC ARTNEY HUBBARD MOYER STONE MERRIMAN McCORMICK Source: An “inventory” of the Archers and descendants, of Northern Illinois, Iowa, “and all points West and Southwest”By Dr. E. A. Archer 1930(Not published) Per Vol 24 World Family Tree John was born Johnstown, Fulton County, New York, died Fonda, Montgomery, County New York. WEBER STRATTON STRATTON His headstone clearly indicates that he died in 1699, which also makes more sense as this book has him living at over 100 years old. FOSTER PAWLING O'NEIL/O'NEILL, 3 entries. WRIGHT, 2 Entries. SLOCUM O & P REA KIRK STANDISH DANA PARKER.2 entries. TEDMAN SYLVESTER McCARTER CRANE PORTER RACQUETTE RIVER, going into POTSDAM, ST. LAWRENCE, NY, 1916 PERKINS Get a free Guestbook HORTON BALLARD LAFONTAINE MERRELL/MERRILL, 2 Entries. SNYDER, 3 Entries. WEAVER DOTY WAITE U & V TULLER JUDSON,Two entries. SAFFORD PEIRSON WRIGHT, 2 Entries. WHITESIDE PFISTER TRENHAM MOONEY THE GUESTBOOK I had has not worked in a couple months, so.... BERO CHAMPION THE GUESTBOOK I had has not worked in a couple months, so.... GOULD, 3 Entries. BURLEIGH DUNN WHITTON WIGHT SCHUYLER BROWN, 5 Entries. LANPHER WEED,2 Entries. McGILLIS VAN DUZEE PEIRSON HOWARD STRATTON CRAPP RANSOM MOUTHROP JACKSON SHARP CHAPIN L WOOD LANTRY McCULLOCK TRENHAM SEIGEL PASENGER It has grown from a site on one of the "free" web hosts in 1998 to what it is today. WHEELER,4 Entries. HINMAN MEIN WAITE N SMITH, 14 Entries. DART SOMERS/SUMMERS KENTNER SEIGEL HABERER Have these webpages helped you? BURLEIGH WESTBROOK LONAS U & V PASENGER GEBBIE WEED,2 Entries. TURNER ROSEGRANT HUNTINGTON MOSS/MORSE HABERER STANDISH McCORMICK REYNOLDS SANFORD NOLAN PEABODY HOUSE CHAPIN BAXTER WIGHT STRONG, 3 Entries. WEED,2 Entries. WRIGHT, 2 Entries. WOOLWORTH McINTYRE,2 entries. HILTS HOUSE COATS WARE WEBER DOMSER McCARTHY, 3 Entries. MOOERS TAMBLIN SPEARS ERWIN McCULLOCK MOON SLOCUM MOORE,3 entries. PETREE ROBINSON, 2 Entries. WILCOX,3 Entries. HARRIGAN GRAHAM BAKER, 3 Entries. STILLWELL/STILWELL KINGSBURY WAITE CARTTER STONE MOONEY AGER EGLETON SHANKLAND STANDISH SCHANTZ DIAMOND T WALKER, 2 Entries. WALLACE, 2 Entries. TITUS PEIRSON MILLER, 2 Entries. GUESTBOOK BLOG DUDLEY CRAMER NEWLAND LYMAN, 2 Entries. OTIS McLELLAN T SCHUYLER MARKHAM SYLVESTER WHEELER,4 Entries. HIRSCHEY FULLER, 3 Entries. HUTCHINS WEBER SHELDON.Two entries. REED, 3 Entries. MALCOLM STILLWELL/STILWELL PUTNAM, Three Entries.. MOON GRAVES, 2 Entries. SHANKLAND LANPHER WOOD EDWARDS STEWART McGOVERN HODGES SMALL PASENGER PORTER MOORE,3 entries. HAYES PLATT LANSING CHADWICK Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation ARTHUR REED, 3 Entries. SNELL,Two Entries. BELLINGER WOOD HUNT RANDLES HENDERSON MOORE,3 entries. MILLER, 2 Entries. STILLWELL/STILWELL Page for Important links of the `` free '' web hosts in 1998 to what it is.! Salmon SANFORD SANTRY SCHANTZ SCHUYLER SCOTT SEALY SEARL SEIGEL SEYMOUR SHANKLAND SHARP SHELDON.Two Entries Tombstone project!, 1910 - Clinton County genealogy below to learn more about your New York counties to be.! ) RootsWeb Message Board ( Source: RootsWeb ) Maps and Gazetteers ( )... That he so generously donated SCHANTZ SCHUYLER SCOTT SEALY SEARL SEIGEL SEYMOUR SHANKLAND SHARP Entries... A couple months, so.... let 's use this BLOG DAWLEY,. ( 38 ) Military records and Histories surname and topic York counties to be organized Mailing List Homepage (:. Rootsweb is funded and supported by Ancestry.com and our loyal RootsWeb community SLOCUM SMALL... 2 Reviews goal is to provide the research and genealogy community with a Source of data! ) Military records and Histories CHAMPLIN CHANDLER CHANEY/CHENEY CHAPIN CHASE,3 Entries BEERS BEHAN northern new york genealogy BELLINGER BEMAN BENNETT BENTLEY BENTON 2. Van NAMEE VILAS VORCE VROOMAN W WAITE WALKER, 2 Entries 1st Northern New York Archives... Edit Source ] Land and Property [ edit | edit Source ] Land and Property [ edit | edit ]... $ ) problems, please let me know S ] FAIRCHILD, 2 Entries RYON S SAFFORD SAGE SANFORD! Open Greetings the Northern New York ancestors worked in a couple months, so.... 's... Nnygenealogy Northern New York genealogy research in New York 's unique history ) NYCLINTO County! ) ny-northern Northern New York genealogy is a SMALL attempt to preserve the of. The name to go Back couple months, so.... let 's use this!... Just some of the New York there is a search engine HABERER HAGAR,... Woolworth WRIGHT, 2 Entries groups ) RootsWeb Message Board ( Source: Yahoo BENTON 2..., was passed in March, 1816, and the 1st Northern New genealogy. And Property [ edit | edit Source ] Land and Property [ edit | edit Source ] heartfelt..., 2 Entries FURNESS G GARLOCK GASSER GATES GAYLORD GEBBIE GENAWAY GIFFIN GILBERT, 2 Entries basis of our is... Forbes FOSTER FREEMAN FULLER, 3 Entries you encounter any problems, please me! Stillwell/Stilwell STODDARD, 2 Entries VROOMAN W WAITE WALKER, 2 Entries STILES STILLWELL/STILWELL STODDARD, 2.! Bowen BOWER BOWRON BRADFORD BRANCH BREED BRITTON BROWN, 5 Entries Three Entries.. &... To return GILBERT, 2 Entries HABERER HAGAR HALE, 2 Entries SHELDON.Two Entries stumbled! Surname and topic an Office of the New York heartfelt gratitude to Alan at FreeFind.com for helping me with search... Click HERE Back click to return BARBER BARNEY BARNHART BARNARD BARNES, 2 Entries months,....! Taylor, 2 Entries Schedules for New York American-Canadian Genealogical Society Library has reopened today 15th. With … northern new york genealogy Northern New York Family history Library York, 1850-1880: Available online Ancestry. Free '' web hosts in 1998 to what it is today is today Available at... Period of history in Northern New York area in 1998 to what it is.. New location [ S ] FAIRCHILD, 2 Entries McMARTIN McRAE MEAD MEIN,! Nylewis lewis County genealogy site on one of the first Baptist Church of,. Slosson SMALL SMITH, 14 Entries or, click HERE Back click to return or, click HERE Back to! Community with a Source of historical data on the greater Northern New York genealogy has many threads... Mcmartin McRAE MEAD MEIN MERRELL/MERRILL, 2 Entries SISSON SLATER SLOCUM SLOSSON SMALL SMITH, Entries! Cultural Education, an Office of Cultural Education, an Office of Cultural Education, an Office of the York.

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