When I bring the boxer puppy home, how long should I wait to introduce them? Although there’s less certainty about the breed and where they come from, you’ll be giving an abandoned dog a home. I'm getting a new boxer puppy in a little bit, I have a 9 month old dachound and a 10 week old siamese kitten. Don't forget that adult dogs, already trained, also make ideal pets. Thank you. Answer Save. We know it’s so hard not to fall in love straight away but you really should follow the above advice and walk away if something doesn’t seem right, no matter how cute the puppy is. You can expect male Boxers to reach a weight between 65-80 pounds. Getting a dog; Boxer or Lab? What to Expect Before and During your Dog Having Puppies 23. Remember, a Pedigree or Kennel Club certificate does not guarantee a perfect puppy – it’s up to you to carry out the appropriate checks above. Favourite answer. Boxers cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold, so they should be kept indoors most of the time, so ensure they have an area of their own. It’s just not fair. When going to a breeder for a puppy here are some good points to bear in mind: Please stick to the above points, any breeder worth talking to will be happy to help you follow the above guidelines. Do you have the time for this? No wonder the Boxer has been among America's most pawpular canine breeds for years! How to Get Something Out of a Puppy or Dog's Belly Without Surgery 25. walker to help you out. Boxers love being with their people and are especially gentle with children, making them woofderful family companions. I've grown up with labs, but MY first was a boxer and I loved her very much. I'm getting my boxer puppy from a friend ( I know I would rather adopt but he needs a home) I've always grown up with boxers but I would like more information on them. Relevance. Just because a breeder is on the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder Scheme, a member of the regional boxer club or has done well at dog shows does not mean that they are a reputable breeder. If the dog is going to be left from 8am to 5pm for five days a week, is this really fair on them? Why not give some consideration to rescuing a boxer? Boxers are very social animals that love human company. Arrange with the breeder to return another day. According to Dog Time, boxers are sometimes considered as the “ Peter Pan of the dog breeds ” because they can take up to three years to mature. Ok all the not so nice things out the way…. Give your pup some extra love and fresh air with this Wag! Most dogs we get in are due to family circumstances changing, not because they are ‘bad” dogs’. And Wuuff is committed to providing you with everything you need to make the right choice, and we want you to be sure that every ad is completely accurate. It’s easy to store, doesn’t smell as strongly as wet food, and can be fed on the go or used as a treat during puppy training sessions. This should include a vaccination certificate, a health check report from a vet and a Pedigree or Kennel Club certificate. Be wary of people advertising on the internet or in newspapers who are breeding their family ‘pets’. 1. Does anyone have experience of boxer dogs, I have heard they are extremely hiper active, is this true? Favourite answer . If you have a yard, make … A great alternative to purchasing a Boxer puppy is finding a pup or an older Boxer dog from a rescue shelter near you. Jack, a boxer puppy in Montgomery, New York has a very unusual way of getting in his wading pool: waiting a long time and then leaping in with all four paws! Boxers are very sociable dogs and love being … However, it’s important to keep in mind that they won’t stay that small forever. I was wondering If it would be ok for me to get a boxer. The breeder should also be interested in your boxer experience, your working hours etc. Puppies don’t stay puppies for long; within months they will be getting big. Vet these breeders as carefully as you would any other breeder. How will my family circumstances change over the course of a dog’s life? Planning to get a Boxer Puppy in Bangalore ? Bringing home a Boxer puppy requires as much careful preparation as welcoming home a new human baby. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Socialization helps ensure that your Boxer puppy grows up to be a well-rounded, outgoing, friendly dog and stays that way. Toys that require patience or memory, such as doggy puzzle games or chew toys with layers, are also great passive exercises to stimulate your dog’s mind. Boxers are full of energy and they love nothing better than being out on a long walk. The boxers that come into our care are of all ages and, to be honest, a boxer never really grows up; they are always puppies at heart. When are you planing to add a furry friend to yor family? If the conversation is simply about how much money they want walk away. He can be registered with the ACA, plus comes with a health guarantee provided by us. The puppy should be alert and show no obvious signs of illness such as coughing. If your puppy appears unwell on collection, do not take it. What the Benefits of Microchipping Your Dog Are to You 24. Puppies don’t stay puppies for long; within months they will be getting big. Some basic supplies that your Boxer puppy will need are a harness, a leash, a crate, a comfy bed, toys, grooming tools, ID tags, food and water bowls, and a high-quality dog food. she is very susceptible to parvo, distemper, corona virus, and other viruses, which can be spread very easily from one dog to another. Hi Everyone, I been watching your community for a while now. Boxer Dog Exercise. You will often find with these people that they haven’t done the vet checks for hereditary conditions and will also lack the proper knowledge for breeding a dog. For the best results, look at the parents to make sure that they are pure breeds or you could end up with all sorts of breeds mixed into your husky boxers. At that time, be prepared to pay a higher price for all the additional time and effort … So please think about this and how this will affect your ability to care for a dog. We really hope that you make the right choices when choosing a puppy and end up with a happy healthy boxer. Young Samson (3 months old) learning basic commands such as how to fetch, sit, speak, down, etc. Boxers will also need at least two x one hour walks a day as adults. Kibble is also a very convenient option. Lay down on the sofa to watch TV and they will creep up to lay on top of you, whether you want them to or not! Remember too that the puppy under 3 months needs lots of time to rest. The age of your Boxer puppy when he first enters your household determines how you handle the arrival and what you have to deal with in the following weeks and months. Puppy-proof your home prior to the big day by putting away everything that your Boxer shouldn't get into, such as cleaning supplies, medicines, toiletries, electrical cords, and poisonous plants. Again, this is a commitment that you are taking up which could last up to 14 years. Enrolling them in a puppy kindergarten class is a great start. This is a very important consideration when getting a puppy. Boxer puppies are nothing less than adorable. Remember, your Boxer puppy is going to become a sizable dog, so deal with any food aggression early on. Name: Jaxx. Once you've earned your Boxer puppy's trust, you'll always have a steadfast guardian by your side! If no certificates are available, go to another breeder. Getting a Boxer Puppy Soon - What Books Should I Buy and What Suggestions do you Have? We realise that people need to work to make a living but you need to think hard about how it will affect a dog being left at home for long periods of time alone. How to Stop Your Boxer Dog From Excessive Barking 20. You get the added bounce of helping out a dog in need and with a Boxer Welfare Scotland dog you will get lifelong support. Puppy-proof your home prior to the big day by putting away everything that your Boxer shouldn't get into, such as cleaning supplies, medicines, toiletries, electrical cords, and poisonous plants. Boxers are full of energy and they love nothing better than being out on a long walk. Welcome to Boxer … A boisterous boxer is not for everyone so please do your research before getting a boxer pup and if possible offer to look after a friend or family member’s boxer for the weekend to see what life is like with a boxer in the house. If you're ready to take on the responsibility of raising a Boxer pup, read on for tips on how to prepare yourself for this fun-loving breed! lijuan. You can also adopt from an animal shelter. You want to always be able to take something away from your Boxer, and the best way to start is when he’s small. I am looking to rescue a boxer puppy. Every German Boxer Puppy on Wuuff is from a verified breeder, devoted to caring for their pups, and to giving them the best start to life. Find out whether the puppy has been wormed and vaccinated – some breeders will vaccinate puppies at eight weeks of age before releasing them to their new owners. Rocky spends lots of time indoors and enjoys getting lots of love and attention. Rocky is a sharp-looking Boxer puppy with an adventurous spirit. What's New; Forum Listing; Showcase; Gallery; Advanced Search; Members; FAQ; Dark Mode Menu Log in Register Home. Ensure all the relevant paperwork is available for inspection when you visit the puppy. First and foremost, we are boxer lovers; we don’t care if you have rescued or if you have bought a puppy. Commercial dog foods are well-balanced, so you have the peace of mind to know that your Boxer pup is getting all the nutrients he needs, in the right amounts and ratios. That is pretty much my question all summed up. If you work and can't take your dog outside during the day, hire a Wag! Boxers are very sociable dogs and love being part of family life. I know both are very good with children. Rescuing a Boxer. And I hope to have pictures in a few months to share. Do the same thing with toys. Another is to use a scheme such as the Kennel Club Accredited Breeder. We would love for all of you to consider adopting one of our dogs but if it’s really not suitable for you or your circumstance we are more than happy to give advice about how to find a happy health puppy. My friend is fostering this cutie and I just learned this week he's going to be a father. This is a very good rule to bear in mind when thinking about a puppy. Are your work commitments likely to change? 1 decade ago. I'm planning on leaving it in kitchen/hallway in day whilst I'm at school instead of a crate so it has more room. Never buy a puppy from a shop or a puppy farm (which will usually be selling a variety of different breeds of dog). A puppy is not ready to leave its mother before it is eight weeks old. There should be no discharge from its eyes or nose or any sores, bald patches or scabs on the skin. Some of you who have been here awhile might know how long I've been searching for a boxer puppy and time after time things have happened that prevented me from getting one, but (if nothing changes), Saturday I am finally going to be bringing my little guy home! If you have a yard, make sure that it is secured with a tall fence. So I'll be a first time dog owner AND a boxer owner. Forums. While much can be told at six to eight weeks about the puppy's eventual looks, if you are seeking a show prospect you might be better off waiting until the pup is six to eight months of age. A boxer can weigh anywhere between 24kg and 40kg. She will be 8 weeks, and i can't decide what to call her she is all different colours, any suggestions? 9 years ago. Here at Boxer Welfare Scotland we realise that a rescue boxer is not suitable for everyone. This special breed of dog can cost between 800-1000 USD. they will want to know that their dogs are going to a good home. Being in an unfamiliar place for the first time can be scary for your Boxer pup. I'm still at school so won't be home or 8-9 hours a day, nor will anybody else for that matter. Think beyond the cute tiny pup to the large powerful dog bursting with energy that they will become. As much as we adore boxers here at BWS we know they can be a right handful. If there is more than one human in the household, figure out who will be in charge of feeding, walking, and taking the puppy outside for potty breaks.