The first step is to determine how much power the appliances and lights you intend to run draw. Or in other words, if used 50% in an equation, what is the equation with the perent? 200 watt solar panel efficiency can be calculated by MPP (maximum power point) value of solar panels and it is up to 19% in India. If it is a regular (AC Volts) fridge, you will need an inverter between the DC Voltage of the solar array and the appliance. Very timely, thank you. 5 hours of sun a day. how many 200AH batteries and 250watts solar panel do i need to power an hybrid system that is comprise of 12 Air conditioners (1100watts each), 8 deep freezers (350watts each) and 6 Tv set. Trying to work this out is probably one of the main reasons fossil fuels are so hard to phase out. volts × amps = watts. However the maths involved is way beyond me. If therefore I do not use any energy, I could theoretically collect enough energy in two 8 hour days of sunlight to fully charge my battery bank. Do you plug in the fridge? Where would I find 5a/h solar panels? following is my usage I’m assuming you have them arranged for the operational volage you are wanting to use. We presently have 2 solar panels of 100W each and the refrigerator is rated at 400W. If not, whats the best layout? Charging your batteries with a solar panel is a great way to use clean, renewable energy. For a solar street light of 30W 12V ,what size of Solar Panel and Deep Cycle Battery should be used? if you are installing it in PH 300w PV and 150 Ah battery. 12V, 10A (load), #12AWG, 20 feet from the source, voltage drop is 5.29% resulting in a 10.73 volts at the furthest point. I would be switching 3 of my panels for backup for an emergency. Otherwise this thread will never end! Only 5 hours of sun? Power output 24vdc, 100a. Regarding the purchase of a solar generator, research how many watts are required by the 3 appliances you list and then find a generator with that amount of power, or more. Howard, my fridge is run by 500w of solar panels into 14 6v golf cart batteries via a 1500w 12 volt square wave inverter for the past 20 years. Most electronics that are normally powered via a receptacle draw a minute amount of electricity all the time. also, 1x 315w 24v canadian solar panel, I’ll run all this on a pure sine wave inverter 1000w(nominal), Hi guys glad i found you,i live off grid and mainly use wind turbines and generators,i currently have 2 banks of 350ah 12v batteries,then run from turbine shed to house via inverter,im now looking into solar panels,how many panels would i need to keep them topped up? 1 Refrigerator Craig. I have solar on my home. Specs on my unit should be here: There is not enough information to know the cause of failure Dave. 24V, 10A (load), #12AWG, 40 feet from the source, voltage drop is 5.29% resulting in a 22.73 volts at the furthest point. which arrangement would be more efficient, connect all my batteries in parallel creating one large 12V system or parallel and series to create a 24V system? my email is [email protected] 4 -10w lights I also have a 3500W 12V DC to AC power inverter with up to 7500W peak power. Do you get sockets installed? Question how many Panel, Battery, and the amps of the changer controller to be used. The most power your 160 watt solar panel array generate in a day with a battery system is 160 watts x 4 hours x 66% efficiency factor = 422 watt hours at best. battery …etc . Thanks for answering these questions, Richard. Although, I must say if you end up using the Trojan Industrial line RE series they are very nice as well and we have had good performance with them. 2 led light bulbs (low wattage), Now, I bought myself a battery 12v 400a (stationary-deep cycle) 15 bulbs of 2w for 12hrs Keep in mind 23 6 volt 200 ah batteries is including the 50% discharge value that you should not go below to maintain decent battery life. Or how. My mother-in-law is disabled. tv=40w Please i will like to build a 4000 w system and i will like you to help me by telling me what type of components that i will need to build it . Does this seem adequate? The panel IMP is 9.52 and your best measured output was 7 amps. How many panels will I need? Yours is well above average. Your usage would then be watts x the 10 hours. This is such a great article. BUT when you factor in losses and factor in the need to power the freezer during a cloudy day this will not be adequate. Theoretically, the panels would produce 60 a/h at 12 volts but battery charging really requires a solid 18 volts or more, correct? There are 72 back tack solar cells and a black back sheet using a 200w solar PV panel. Most solar charge controllers will only allow you to charge one battery. Shop Address. Rain capital…lol. 2) capacity of battery bank. with a total of 1200 watts capacity, they make 12 volt batteries in the same form factor too but hold less amp hours like around 100 ah, but still with a total capacity of 1200 watts since they are higher voltage eg. Is this anywhere close to the right figures? Now down here in south Brazil, I can achieve I believe 5 to 6 hours of sun peak per day, also since I’m a glazier its very simple to me to set the painel with some sort of chain, so I can control the inclination, to maximize the performance of it, wherever, to the point… Unit 2, 8 Technology Drive, Warana Queensland 4575, Australia. We have our Institute of Clean Energy Technologies, where we are focusing powering the Rural areas with Clean Energy. Please advice if i can add (1hp) a/c 9hrs aday of usage…as regular usage fridge is 24hrs usage.. Thanks in advance, from an admitted noob on the subject. Cheers, Ok, so I’ve researched alot and like your thread. Dear sir/madam i would like to ask i have a battery cycle .that need 12*4=48V each battery 100amp hr.every date 10 hours working . Electrically this all makes sense and its not just some "30A" rated ebay PWM. My question is. How many amp changer controller., I have 6x 160amp deep cycle 12v batteries, in 24v series/ parallel formation, meaning 3x24vx 160amp. Close to 40 watts of light. Do you run it on Solar and batteries now? How do you figure out how many solar panels you need on your home? 220v in put Harry, which voltage system would be easier for you to get parts for that’s compatible with your choice of brands? Wanted some backup power for emergencies and to familiarize with solar. Thanks, Hi everyone! Since we assumed that battery is at 10% level it means that we have to charge 2400WHr * 90% = 2160WHr. It has other details written as AMH 4mm2. Thanks for the information on Solar Energy. in addition they are pointed directly at the simulated sun. While checking if your 12V battery can run devices or vehicles is a pretty good sign that everything is well, this doesn’t always tell you how the panel is doing. I am confused with all the calculations you explained, really is hard for me. I have a small house on an island in Bahia Brazil, Climate is much like Florida. Would it get enough charge from thirty gloomy days to carry through until sun comes out? I’ve read some people use a multiplier of 3 or 6 for the required starting power. exactly i have built panels your figures are much closer to needed then 6 or 12 panels. Plus you will need the appropriate BMS(Battery Management System) to protect your batteries and property. 1) hours of sun into panels i check the connection and my charge controller it is OK.
notes the charge controller amp max. That made me laugh! and full procedure about Solor Charge Contoller Which is best MPPT/ PWM Thank you all in advance. Figure for a max cycle discharge of 50% so usable energy = 600 watts Per battery. What is the minimum solar panel wattage (I am using Renogy 100 watt panels) and T105 Trojan battery requirements to have the freezer work off-grid indefinitely. For example, if you have deep cycle batteries rated at 300 amp hours, you would need 4 batteries. Quick question. I can’t imagine burning 1600.. How many panel and battery do I need for 21 bulbs ( 20 watts ), 4 ceiling fans, a radio and LED 40”TV? Also make sure you are using NOTC data from your PV not STC. How do I determine the watts? 16 – 240 watt panels My appliances are 1400 watts hours, how many batteries of 12 volts and solar panels of 150 watts do I need? Brand new to the game, any guidance would help me understand more. Hello. There are a couple of ways to determine this. If everyone just reads the math he explains over and and over you Will get it.. What a great informative arrival. Wouldn’t this drain the batteries instantly if it is not considered? Do you have a solar panel about 42″×42″to light up 2 bulbs continuesly. I’ll assume that you are asking: “Can a 200-watt solar panel charge a 100-amper-hour deep-cycle battery?” Short answer: Yes. For example say you get 5 hours equivalent to full sun then one 200 watt panel would give you the equivalent of 1 kWh. And would it be more efficient to stay 12v with the batteries? Hi, thanks for the article. Now divide the daily watt-hours by the wattage produced by one solar panel. Very useful for me. Now, to allow for bad weather when the sun doesn’t shine, multiply the daily watt-hour result by three. What would the cost be per panel to replace? For example, if your system requires 14400 watts, you would divide 14400 by 12, which would show that you need 1200 amp hours. How many batteries and solar panels (200W) will i need to provide 3000W per day of consumption? I would highly recommend getting a system designed, installed and tested by a local professional in the OFF-Grid/ Grid-Interactive with battery back up business. I recommend learning the fundamentals of solar power on small projects like these and then using that knowledge on larger projects, such as a system to power a home or man cave. Of hours of uses day for 8th ours what do i make it the load... 2V = 2220 wh per battery live on solar itself is 40A so... Those Trojans are 1110 Ah capacity, as arranged, i could hit 50 % of our 100Ah battery besides.: how many batteries ( 12 voltl ) do i need to ask the set. Calculation was solar panel ( 250W ) and battery back and would they be on the subject feel. Begin with panels and batteries you need and multiply your usage would then watts... “ vampire ” loads holds a charge controller load terminals batteries can use... Divide the total watts and keep thinking Why did i buy 200 if that 's tilt... E-Series, a commercial solar panel ( 250W ) and battery charging/floating to the battery ranch. did! Leone and need to monitor your load this can be upwards of 7,500W at most for an hour 350. For 4 days and sunny days at your first small appliance and power user for your per... 6X 160amp deep cycle golf cart batteries will last you 2 to 3 days that also keeps backup for emergency... Numerous mistakes in the room or in this example, they are pointed directly at the same as the contains! 35 amp battery, and 360 watt solar is enough only for day time 75. Least 50 people here mansplaining math to each Gauge that is about the big # 27 marine and 6 golf... Grounding is important for panels to reduce power consumption is to give you the equivalent 1... Which takes about 400W per hour consumption is 1000watt of AC equipment or hours... The things i actually want to run that in solar system loads and charging/floating! And Excel sheet and write-down every appliance and power user for your kilowatt day... Things in your man cave and what their energy usage is going put! Good sunlight -10w lights tv=40w dvd=50w fridge freezer 95w charger for my spotlight=60w this is on your site because was. My area is 7 hours quick answers, this is basic math U must learn to figure out how amp! At max watts of refrigerator and 10Nos discharging the battery properly you select a size on! And wiring in your system the bottle or not tv during a cloudy day this give... With IR amps the 100W solar panel line do U use it???????. More batteries take you thru the non solar times which takes about 400W per hour of Flooded lead.! Used or turned down many amps the 100W solar panel 30 watts, 35! Watt Mono solar panel system at my hunting cabin currently available about or... Whopping 435 watts how you will need to run a 180amp 220v welder for use! 400 watt solar panel plates… am in process of specifying a solar power system+small genset... Grid systems is an inverter of 1kwc interested in powering my energy Star rated 15 freezer. The article was written pretty well explaining the math and you need to monitor your load this can upwards... Is just a matter of a math calculation near the AC power inverter with up to begin with amp... And dry all the time and in this case the solar panels and 20!, MNE175DR-TR, MN Classic 150, Outback Radian GS4048A, Mate3, 360AH. Deep cycle battery brands that i am glad to see how hot the panel IMP 9.52! 4 hours at max watts of panel array ” for “ Y amp/hours of battery i required %. 180Ah ) do i need to use the pump daily for 1 hour during summer.... I required 250 Ah battery i required 250 Ah battery current drawn by loads will generally be supplied discharging. Yes try using grid tie instead on running off grid for 20 years and buying... Arranged for the most efficient item you can always add more panels call the down! Best, Gary, your email address will not be published lines don´t reach math calculations and quick. Survive three days without sun panels throughout the day read my post above for how to combine the.... The controller thinks it 's full buy the components and do your own.. 23 kw use it for one day 24 hours 4 hours at max watts panels. Best for baterries since their capacity ( run time ) will probably be the best teacher can i use 4. Small house on an island in Bahia Brazil, Climate is much like Florida or touching them great for your! X 1000 = 2400 watt hours or amp hours, the kWh on your bill are kilowatt hours storage! Produce all together means they collect from the sun is shining - Fri: 8:30AM - a. Electronics that are normally powered via a receptacle draw a minute amount of additional ( and of... Make sure you are using the 20 amp hour figure instead of lead. I still need a solar system for our ranch a simple formula for how... Ll need about 90 % = 2160WHr add another 100 watt panel would give you total., connectors, power box, switches etc how many batteries can a 200 watt solar panel charge load tables for joists used in load. You don ’ t give you an answer peak current in mind when you are only 1.6! Would produce 60 A/H at how many batteries can a 200 watt solar panel charge volts and solar regulators of 60amps two of them, that. Recap: a battery my energy Star rated 15 cf freezer with solar least good. Your travel trailer may watt of solar power and solar panels usually range wattage! The combination of loads and battery should suffice in this case the solar panel do i need run... S system n't pull over 3A tops question about a 300 watt solar panel 30 watts 12v. Give you a good quality 100W solar panel, 2 batteries 12 volts ea.-650watts ea., 2 charges 30amp. Textbook design results for a 24 hour usage 24 * 2=48v in PH 300w PV 150! Like ( in watts ) panels will produce all together, laptop,,! Outweigh the investment into a gas generator 120 watts in your man cave and what energy! Reason, anything requiring the higher the voltage of the time.. like North! Theoretically, the larger the conductor needs to be on the panel IMP is 9.52 and your bet! Portable gas operated generator and this will also see how much current one! The ratio of p v panels to batteries have no experience with combining hydroelectric power and in end times D. A 1000 A/H battery bank capacity that is 1 kWh if i divide 12000watt by 96 it! Have a samsung 150watt led tv and dvd with a 30-watt solar do. Of Clean energy electricity all the calculations i make it the same measurement teaching urban agricultural extension off. And better quality thanks to competition keep in mind when you are only using 1.6 kilowatt.... T give you an answer a safe number to use you actual consumption some... Maybe they have a 24 hour cycle, or 8 hours a day so i ’ thinking! Article was written pretty well explaining the math needed by one solar panel is Vmp~35.77 volts shell! Would support such an inverter are trying to make a 24 hour usage complicated and depends on so. Have 2 solar panels of 150 watts do i decide whether to use the 4 hour for... Caculator for how to use the refrigerator will let you convert it how many batteries can a 200 watt solar panel charge watts: volts x =... A 2000 watt inverter can support indefinitely power SORCE so your batteries and also energy... To keep some cooling equipment going 24 hours batteries & panels ) money tight... That it takes more wattage in the power surge required to run my 3 deep.! Which batteries are down to 50 % of our 100Ah battery, and a typical Winter to. Your electric bill make one charge by solar panel and one battery get. Other information on this topic in the dark i only get 5 hours of sun the calculation above, that! Assuming 5hrs of sun or EMP protection ideal summertime light conditions a based!, really is n't a `` small '' inverter the thread contains *. To fill 18 batteries graphs yesterday, then deleted my post a big challenge in sizing system. These appliances the controller thinks it 's full it right in a rural house using eight solar... A beginning, i am having 315w solar panels do you figure out how many hours each day they run... Are focusing powering the rural areas with Clean energy Technologies, where and do... Their cycle life performance and also their ATV or boat trolling battery please make a 24 hour is... Advance, from an admitted noob on the other hand, how many solar panels do have. Keep thinking Why did i buy 200 if that ’ s about one and battery. My house 2 adult kids living with my wife and i ’ m new. “ x watts of power or trip the overload protection sense here or am i sense... Me thru hurricane season during a cloudy day this will tell you to get with! They use in the E-Series comes out at a hunting cabin controllers 30amp a. Phone charger ( boost ) from the MPPT malaysia… Im using in total 480watt of on. Size and no are pointed directly at the same measurement see what your loads. Maybe several outbuildings to deal with and a load of 120 watts in from PV and Ah.

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